Khachatryan Lyudvig

Address in 2011: Armenia, Yerevan Luchevaya Str, building A, 375114, RA
Tel.: +17187538470
Author of Website:
      Dates       Workplace Position Main Responsibilities
2010-2011   Author and publisher of book

Author and developer of program
ISBN 978-9939-53-733-7

2008 -2009 "EHT-management company", "GLENDELHILLS",
"AG" stock companies
Corporate lawyer Legal consultation
2000-2003 “Phonet” ltd The Owner The Provider service, the organization the Internet of communication, websites and legal services
1996-1999 Armenian Mashtots region governmental register Chief Certifier for organizations.
1996-1998 Parliament of Armenia Expert by contract Project first Armenia election legislation
1994-1995 Parliament of Armenia Expert of the commission of the Armenian parliament for establishing independency Project of Armenian national assembly election law, and for president election law
1991-1996 Armenian central commission of the Referendum Secretary Project of Referendum law, to organize Referendums
1990 Armenian central commission of the election Member To organize election: 1989-1990 Project of law for change constitution of ARSU and election low
1981-1994 Physics institute of Yerevan Physicist engineer Research (work is published in “ Review of scientific instruments ” a publication of the American institute of physics 7, July 1989) 1988 ă, has started microtrone ĐČŔÍ of St.-Petersburg (Leningrad)
1980-1981 Maralik school Teacher Teacher of physics
1979-1981 Army Soldier, officer Tanker
1976-1979 Maralik school Teacher Teacher of physics

1972-1976 Armenia Gyumry State institute, Department of Physics Graduate student
Computer knowledge
Computer technique {technical equipment}, the Internet of a server, installation, start of operational systems and different programs, work with programs Word, Excel, Promt, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, etc. Work with HTML, PHP, MYSQL
Author of the programs: of electronic monitoring of elections, the accounting program for firm.
Fluent in English, Russian, Armenian
Additional information
Author of books: “rule for LTD”, “rule for co-op” , “rule for joint-stock company” , “rule for closed corporation”, “ELECTION RIGHT AND ELECTION SYSTEMS” ( ISB N 99930-51-06-1,3), and of various editorialists.